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screened post. please supply a link if you need something deleted! also: you only need to comment once... a mod WILL get to it

don't be a bitch and make drama it ain't cool

there will be no more ooc bashing allowed here! if you want to do that then take it elsewhere because you all are getting way out of hand and we mods are tired of dealing with it. so from now on if someone is mentioned then it will be deleted! comm talk will still be allowed as well as discussions on characters but no more bringing up ooc information on anyone! if it's posted it will be deleted.

p.s. this is what a critter means so we're all good now with clearing it up.

manage your logins here & scrapbooking stuff for styles! & anon faqs for you lazy bitches & list of neopets anons

stop being douchebags to us, we all do our best

to change your comment style on dw so it looks normal: go to account settings, then display, and then choose original style for entry and journal view